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Online casino games are as varied as the numerous people that play them. With the wide range of casino games available on the internet, it can get somehow overwhelming selecting which game to play.

online casino games

To save you the time and hustle, we at Online Casinos Kenya have outlined all the crucial information about online casino games and everything you need to know about them, including types, how to play, rules, RTP, how the games work, tips and strategies.

Top Online Casino Games

The most played online casino games include slots, roulette, blackjack, video poker, craps, baccarat, and live dealer casino games.

Online SlotsOnline Slots – Most Played

Slot machines are the most popular online casino games among players. They are games of pure chance and are easy to understand and play even to beginners.  As a game of chance, no specific skill is required, and the results are totally random.

The aim of the game is to win money by landing matching symbols on the reels.

There are numerous online slots variations, and these come with different themes, paylines, rules, and payouts. Some of the variations include; classic slots, fruit machines, video slots, 3D slots, and progressive slots.

Slot games also come with varying betting ranges, which are designed to accommodate both reserved players and high rollers.

Online RouletteRoulette – The Queen

Online roulette is another game of chance, and its fast-paced nature, especially when played in real casinos, makes it the queen of casino games.  Roulette is easy and fun to play.

You only need to place bets on either a single number or a range of numbers, the colors red or black, or whether the number is odd or even. Then spin the wheel and wait for your luck.

The main roulette variations include American roulette, European roulette, and French roulette. Other variations include premium roulette, live roulette, 3D roulette, and Roulette Pro, among others.

Online BlackjackBlackjack -Players’ Favorite

Blackjack is the most preferred card game that requires both skill and luck to win. The objective of the game is to beat the dealer.

You can achieve these in three ways; drawing a hand value higher than the dealer’s hand value, drawing a hand value of 21 on your first two cards while the dealer does not, and if the dealer draws a hand value that goes over 21.

The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, and each card has a respective value. The number of decks played is important since it determines the payouts since the more the decks, the higher the house edge.

Among the popular Online blackjack, variations include Spanish 21, Blackjack Switch, Pontoon, Super Fun 21, Progressive Blackjack, and Classic Blackjack.

Video PokerVideo Poker – Classic Experience

This is a classic card game that was once the most popular casino card game. The game is based on the five-card draw, and the appeal of video poker lies in its combination of the luck required in slots and the skill required in poker.

It is played on a computerized machine similar to that of online slots, but instead of simple reels, rows, and paylines, you are confronted by a poker hand.  The game is easy to play, and as a beginner, you only need to familiarize yourself with the basic poker rules to help you choose which cards to keep and which cards to discard.

There are several video poker variations, but Jacks or Better is the most popular. Other variations include Aces and Faces, Deuces Wild, Joker Poker, and Tens or Better.

 CrapsCraps -Rolled Gambling

Online craps is a dice game that doesn’t have too much skill involved and relies mostly on luck. Although this game may not seem appealing to many players, especially beginners, it offers an excellent gambling experience to seasoned gambled who are looking to have a good time watching the virtual dice bounce around.

Craps feature decent payout percentages and a low house edge, which accommodates even conservative players. The game offers numerous bet options, some of them offering better odds than others.  Some of the best craps bets include; Pass Bet, Don’t Pass Bet, Come Bet, and Don’t Come Bet.

Online Baccarat Baccarat -Most Rewarding

Baccarat is one of the world’s oldest card games and has, over the years, earned its reputation as one of the most rewarding casino games. The game has a low house edge, which boosts players’ odds, and the objective of the game is to get close as possible to 9 points.

Players make 3 bets on ‘player,’ ‘dealer,’ or ‘tie.’ Both the player and the banker are each dealt with two cards face up, and each player’s points are tallied. If the hand value exceeds 10, you subtract 10 to get the true score.  The player bets pay 1-1, banker bets pay 1-1 (minus 5% commission), and a tie pays 8-1.

Online Baccarat has three main variations, which include baccarat chemin de fer (French version), Baccarat Banque (European version), and baccarat punto banco (North American version).

Live DealerLive Casino/ Live Dealer – Realistic Experience

Live dealer casino games offer the most exciting way to experience the thrill of a gambling atmosphere offered by a physical casino from the comfort of your home. The live dealer casino is designed in such a way that a professional dealer broadcasts in real-time, and all the action is recorded by cameras in the studios. The video feeds are then streamed live and in high quality.

Thus, players can clearly see the action, and they can communicate with the live dealer through the live chat. The dealer is responsible for dealing the cards, placing the chips, and spinning the wheel. Popular games offered in live dealer casinos include live roulette, live blackjack, and live baccarat.

Most Popular Casino Games

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Perfect Pair

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Banker’s Bet Baccarat

Banker’s Bet Baccarat

How to Play Like A Professional: Tips and Strategies

We at Online Casinos Kenya know the rush of gambling all too well, and we know it is easy for a beginner to get overwhelmed. However, we have compiled a few tips that we know will come in handy when choosing and playing online casino games.

checkedPlay at the Best Online Casinos

The online casino that you choose will determine your gaming experience in terms of payout percentage, payout speed, and the variety of games available. Thus, before settling for a specific online casino, it essential to conduct quick background research and to read casino reviews online and the experience that other players have had with the platform.  You can find reliable online casinos among those recommended on our page.


Select Games with a Low House Edge

A casino with a low house edge increases your odds of winning. It is essential to know the house edge of the game you are playing as this will help you use the odds to your advantage.  Ideally, online casino games can be classified into three major categories; low edge, medium edge, and high edge.

Low house edge games include Baccarat, Craps, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker, and Video Poker. Games with medium house edge include Roulette (double zero), Caribbean Stud, Let it Ride, Three Card Poker, and Slots (Medium). Keno and some slots variations have a high house edge. However, if you are looking for a casino game with no house edge, you have the option to play poker.


Don’t Chance Your Losses

Online casinos are designed in such a way that the house will win in the long run. This means that the statistics will not always be in your favor, and when you find yourself on a losing streak, the best decision is to walk away. It would be best if you also had a fixed bankroll, which will keep you grounded on when to stop wagering even when on a winning streak.


Claim Bonuses that Are favorable

Casino bonuses come in handy in boosting your bankroll. There are numerous bonuses available for both new and existing players. These include; sign up offers, welcome bonuses, deposit bonuses, and no-deposit bonuses, among others.

Free bankroll is a great way to try new games and perfect your strategies. However, you should always pay attention to the wagering requirements of these offers before claiming them. Some bonuses come with unreasonable terms and conditions which restrict you from making withdrawals of your winnings.


Learn Casino Games Strategies

Although some online games such as slots are purely based on luck and do not require strategies, other games such as blackjack and poker are games of strategy, and smarter players always have the upper hand. Thus, before you start playing with real money, make sure you have all the information required, including the rules and types of bets.

If you are a beginner, you should always start with the free version before wagering with real money regardless of whether you are playing slots or poker. This allows you to understand the game and decide if it suits your preference at no expense.


Only Stake Amounts You Are Comfortable Losing

Online casino games are designed to accommodate both low and high rollers, and you always have the option to up your stakes. While wagering on the maximum limit is tempting since it increases your potential wins, this also increases your possible loss. And if the potential loss is not an amount you are comfortable losing, it would be best to lower your stakes.  As a beginner, it is always advisable to set winning and losing limits per session and stick to them as this will keep your grounded.


Start with Free Casino Games

As earlier mentioned, free casino games allow you to experience the same gambling thrill you would when playing for real money with no risk involved. Although you cannot make any withdrawals, demo game versions allow you to test the casino and gauge if the games meet your expectation before risking your money.


Quit While You’re Winning

Quitting when you are on a winning streak is the best decision, although it can be tempting to continue wagering with the hope of winning more. However, the statistics always favor the casino, and if you happen to be winning on a particular day, keep in mind that this favor will be short-lived. Hence, always set a budget and stick to it even if you win more than your budgeted amount.

RTP in Online Casinos

Return to Player (RTP) percentage is the average amount of money that a player can expect to receive in the form of winning, compared to the amount wagered over time.  Although the percentage is theoretical, the more the wagers placed, the better the chances of getting results closer to the payout percentage.

Hence the higher the percentage, the more often you will win in the long run. For example, if you place a KSH 100 wager on a slot with a 95% RTP, You will expect to get KSH95 back in wins.

It is, however, essential to note that the %RTP is an average achieved over a significant number of game plays and not every time you play.

The RTP is the opposite term of House Edge/Advantage. While the RTP displays a player’s potential winnings, the house edge shows the percentage gain to the casino.

A slot game with a high payout ratio means that you are most likely to win more in the long run compared to that with a lower payout ratio.  Having an idea of a slot’s RTP is vital because if you are looking to play slot games with a long-term strategy rather than going all out to win as quickly as possible, a slot with high RTP gives you a better chance of walking away in profit.

Frequently Asked Questions About Online Casino Games

Are online casino games rigged?

Absolutely not! Casino games offered by renowned reliable online casinos undergo regular testing by independent authorities such as eCOGRA to ensure that they are safe and fair.

Which casino games have the highest payout?

Progressive slot games such as Mega Moolah and Mega Fortune have the highest payout with the jackpot increasing every time you play. Although the chances of winning are considerably low, if you are lucky to win, you could walk away with payouts worth millions.

What online casino games pay real money?

When you fund your account, you can play all casino games available for real money and get paid when you win. It is also worth noting that casino games such as craps, baccarat, blackjack, and video poker have a lower house edge and higher return to player rates compared to slots.

Can I play online casino games for free?

Yes, you can play your favorite online casino game for free without making a deposit. The demo versions have virtual money that you can use to place wagers, but you cannot withdraw your winnings.

Online Casino Games Myths

The online sphere harbors many myths about online casino games, and these myths are somewhat similar, ranging from casinos being unfair to how the chances of winning and payout percentages depend on something else other than Random Number Generator (RNG). However, we are here to debunk this blanket of myths.


Myth 1: Online Casino Games are Rigged

Although it is easy to cry foul when you lose, the belief that casino games are rigged in the house’s favor could not be further from the truth. With the way that information goes viral these days, the last thing a casino would want is bad press, as this would ruin their business.  In such a competitive sphere, casinos highly invest in having their games audited for accuracy and reliability to ensure players feel safe when playing.


Myth 2: Payout Rates are Literal

As a beginner, it is easy to believe that a slot with a 95% RTP means that you can’t lose more than 5% of your bankroll. However, this is not how RTP works, and as we had earlier discusses, the RTP is an average achieved over a significant number of game plays and not every time you play. It could be based on 10,000 spins or more, and that means you can’t predict the payouts in the short term.


Myth 3: Card Counting is Easier Online

Card counting is close to impossible for online casinos since there is no physical deck involved, and everything is done via RNG. This means that every card drawn is randomly determined by the computer, and once the round is done, the software picks a completely random card. Since the deck is not reused for the next round, counting cards is outright impossible for online play.


Myth 4: Winning is Based on Luck

Although games such as slots, craps, and roulette are 100% based on luck, winning and losing comes down to mathematics. It is important to understand that casinos have a slight statistical advantage, and as such, in the long term, casinos will make more money than they pay out players. However, there is plenty of variance over the short term, and this means that it is possible to defy the odds and increase your chances of winning using strategies.


Myth 5: Slots Go Hot and Cold

Some people believe that if a slot machine does not payout for a while (goes cold), it is most likely to pay in the next spins to compensate for what seems like a dry spell. Also, when a slot machine pays consistently (goes hot), it is most likely not to pay in the next spins. However, this is false based on the fact that every spin of the reels is a result of a random number generator.  Thus, where the reels land depends on a complex computer algorithm rather than what happened recently.

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