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VodaPay is a mobile phone payment service for Vodacom service provider users. The payment method has gained popularity with the increasing spread of mobile phone gambling in Kenya and the African gambling sector at large. VodaPay is a service that most punters in Kenya find easy to use as it requires them to load money from local agents who are readily available. Besides gambling, Vodacom payment services get used in paying water and electricity bills as well as transacting among Vodacom network users.

The acceptability of Vodacom as a method of payment by several casinos in the countries is a result of its popularity in more than 32 countries in the African continent. We hope to show you the benefits of using Vodapay to pay for your casino games, how to deposit and withdraw using Vodapay, and everything you need to know about Vodacom payment. The only way to find out is to keep reading.

Top Casinos that accept Vodacom

About Vodacom

Founded in 1994 by Telkom South Africa, Vodacom is an African Telecommunications company serving more than 55 million customers in 32 countries. Tanzania, South Africa, Zambia, Kenya, and Nigeria are some of the countries to mention a few.

The company is a partnership between Vodafone and Telkom, each owning 50%. The mobile service provider offers gamblers in the region affordable and fast internet services for online gaming as well as Vodapay, a method of payment accepted by many casinos.

VodaPay is a digital wallet that you can download to your smartphone, add details and commence transacting without the need to provide your credentials every time you need to transact.

Why should you use VodaPay?

  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy to use
  • Fast payments
  • More convenient
  • Safe and secure

The Best Casino To Deposit With VodaPay

Spinit Casino

One of the unique ways to deposit to a casino with VodaPay is through Spinit casino – the leading casino provider in Kenya.

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Why we recommend using Vodacom

Easy to use

To use VodaPay in online casinos, you don’t need to have a bank account, credit or debit cards. You deposit cash to your casino account directly through your phone. All you need is to load cash to your VodaPay account through a Vodacom agent near you.

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Safe and secure

Unlike when using bank wire and card transactions, you don’t have to share your details with anyone. You only login to your Vodapay account to complete your cash transfers. Vodacom payments are secure, hence, you need not worry about getting intercepted by cybercriminals in the middle of a transaction. Through the help of Vodacom resellers, you can complete your transactions offline to avoid the risk of getting scammed.


Vodacom payment is an improved mobile payment platform where gamblers get to use their mobile phones to pay for their online betting services instantly. The more you can avoid any transaction delays, the more you get to play and win real cash.

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Potential issues with Vodacom

Vodacom payment attracts transaction fee: Unlike while using other methods of paying where depositing to an online casino is free, you attract a fee when you use Vodapay to deposit cash into your casino account. The good thing is that you get your money after all. A transaction fee is nothing compared to losing the full amount to cybercriminals.

Deposit and withdraw with Vodacom

Vodacom payment is an easy and instant method for gamblers which is safer than most of the others. To process payments, use VodaPay similarly to other digital wallets. You don’t need to have a bank account or card to deposit or withdraw cash using VodaPay. You can transact directly through the VodaPay app, or you can use a pay bill to complete your transaction offline.

How to deposit in an online casino

  1. On your online casino, go to the cashier page and select VodaPay as your preferred payment method. Make sure your account has money.
  2. Provide the relevant login details and the amount you intend to deposit.
  3. Confirm the details and submit the request. You will receive an instant deposit. Transaction fees depend on the amount getting transferred.

How to withdraw your winnings

  1. Select VodaPay as your method for receiving cash from winnings.
  2. Double-check your account details and submit.


Are Vodacom and M-Pesa related?

Vodacom is an Mpesa App downloadable from the Apple store and Google Appstore.

What is the transaction limit when using Vodapay?

Transaction limits are lower than those of other payment methods. You can only transact up to Ksh 999,999 per day.

Can you request a reversal in case of a transaction mistake?

No, you cannot make reversals once a transaction gets submitted. You have to be careful when providing transaction details.