Skrill Casinos In Kenya

Skrill is an eWallet acceptable for making transactions worldwide. You can use it for online shopping, buying tickets for concerts and sporting events, placing wagers, and making withdrawals at online casinos. Besides being acceptable internationally, it has very affordable rates, one of the many reasons for its increasing popularity among gamblers. You get to choose from over 40 different world currencies.

We will provide you with detailed information about the Skrill payment method, a guide on how to deposit or withdraw cash from an online casino, a list of top online casinos accepting Skrill, transaction fees, and the payment processing time, among others.

Top Casinos that accept Skrill

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About Skrill

Formerly known as Moneybookers, Skrill is a digital wallet that offers a variety of online money transfer and payment services, founded in 2001 21st of July. As of now, Skrill is acceptable in more than 120 countries worldwide and offers more than 40 currencies.

By 2018, the company had provided jobs for more than 500 employees. Skrill operates under the Paysafe Group, a company under the jurisdiction of the Central bank of Ireland in Europe, and Skrill Ltd, under the Financial Conduct Authority in the United Kingdom.

Making deposits and withdrawals at online casinos is hassle-free, the reason behind its popularity among punters. Skrill offers a wide variety of card products; prepaid Visa cards, MasterCard, and the popular digital wallet.

Why you should use Skrill?

  1. Utmost privacy and safety
  2. Worldwide Acceptance
  3. Excellent Customer Support
  4. Generous promotions and bonuses
  5. Instant cash transfers
  6. High Transaction limits
  7. Lower transaction fees

Best online Casino to deposit with Skrill

Betway casino

Betway is one of the best online casinos in the world that accept Skrill as a payment method.  Fast withdrawal and deposit right to your ewallet.
Take advantage and use it with confidence

Why we recommend using Skrill

While gambling online, every punter needs a fast and reliable method of payment. Gambling makes sense if you can get your winnings instantly or in a few days of processing. The ease with which you can make transactions into and from other accounts matters a lot too. Here are several reasons why you should use Skrill as your deposit method.


First, getting a Skrill account is free. Uploading money into your Skrill account through a bank account and uploading money to your bookie’s account is absolutely free. You spend less money while making withdrawals while enjoying fast, reliable, and secure payment services.

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Safety of your information

Skrill is a company regulated under the FCA and one of the most reputable money transfer services. They assure the safety of your information and see to it that no third party gains access to your details. Compared to using traditional methods of payment like bank transfers and credit cards, where you have to input passwords every time you want to process a transaction, skrill keeps your information much safer.

An excellent way to manage your bankroll

If you are worried about overspending while gambling, opening a skrill account would be a great idea. This way, you get to separate your bank account from your betting account. Also, you get to keep track of all profits and losses from betting. You only use the amount of money you intended unlike when using a debit or credit card where you hardly set limits.

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Potential issues with Skrill

  • Fees: You pay a small fee for any withdrawals from your bookie account. The fee is not as high as when using other eWallets, and also not as low as those offered by debit and credit cards. The beauty of gambling is that bookies and casinos offer numerous deposit and withdrawal methods, so you can use Skrill to make deposits and use a different cheaper method to withdraw winnings.
  • No transaction reversal: Once a transaction to another account has been completed, you can’t reverse the process. For this reason, you need to double or triple check the transfer details, that is, the account number before approving the transaction.

Deposit and Withdraw with Skrill

Using the skrill payment method in online casinos is a brilliant plan if you are a gambling enthusiast. You will enjoy laying limitless games such as slots, Blackjack, poker, and other card games. Besides, most I not all top online casinos in Kenya accept it as a payment method for their gambling services. To use Skrill on an online casino, you need to have an account loaded with money. Here’s a step-by-step guide to making deposits in online casinos and withdrawing your winnings.

How to deposit in an online Casino

  1. Sign in to your online casino account. Be sure to confirm whether they accept Skrill payment. Set a skrill account and provide all the information required for a new skrill account. If you already have one, go to the next step.
  2. Go to the deposit page and select skrill as your payment method.
  3. Enter your details; email and password, and the amount you intend to deposit from skrill to your online casino.
  4. Submit the request to deposit cash. You will receive a welcome bonus for using Skrill. As long as you transact using your personal account, your annual €3.00 applies.

How to withdraw your winnings

  1. Log in to your online casino account.
  2. On the payment page of the casino select Skrill.
  3. Input log-in details and the amount you desire to withdraw.
  4. Withdrawals are usually instant.


How many countries have approved the use of Skrill accounts?

Skrill is available and operational in more than 200 countries and over 40 currencies.

Can I transfer cash from my M-Pesa account to Skrill and vice versa?

You can transfer funds to and from M-pesa via Skrill.

Can I use my Skrill account to pay using Cryptocurrencies?

Skrill does not allow the transfer of cryptocurrencies to betting sites and other merchants. You can only buy crypto for investment.

Skrill Casinos in other countries

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  • Arab
  • Brazil
  • Spain
  • Malaysia